COMPTASEGUR was founded in 2005 with the aim of offering to the Andorran companies an accounting, tax and business advisory service adapted to the new market needs and oriented to the new organization trends, driven basically by the actual need of the country to enter in an economy opened worldwide.

Located in Andorra la Vella, COMPTASEGUR is composed by a young, professional and dynamic team made up of nine employees, headed by the founding partners: Pascale Flucha, Joan Armany and Ignasi Xarpell.

Our qualified and specialized staff is continually training updated the legislation that changes, adapts and complements with the laws of the other countries.

The COMPTASEGUR's first goal is to optimize client's time in order to allowing him to have the maximum dedication of his business. We are endorsed by the satisfaction of our clients' wide portfolio distributed by the whole Principality, which also provides us a significant degree of experience in all sectors of the activity.

Gaining customer confidence is the key in our work, therefore we guarantee a personalized management, quality, rigor, excellence and confidentiality in every service that we realize to obtain results of a great impact.

Our premise: working inside an atmosphere of transparency and professional ethics to establish relationships of added value.

Our Services

Accounting area

  • Corporate planning, advisory and countable support
  • Countable and management reports
  • Regularization and closing of the economic exercise
  • Elaboration of annual corporate Accounts, consolidation of accounts, statements…
  • Safekeeping of the documentation
  • Collected of the documentation of the client door-to-door
  • Confection and keep authorized records and partners books

Tax area

  • Planning and tax advice
  • Advice and control of the taxation policy with medium and long term objectives
  • Tax requirements and inspections
  • Actions with the Tributary Agency
  • Corporate Tax, income tax (Andorran resident, (I.R.P.F.)), Not resident Tax income (I.R.N.R.), IGI's declarations (VAT)
  • Application of DTAA (to avoid the double taxation)
  • Support in the calculation of the Communal Tax on the rental returns (local corporations)

Administrative area

  • Processing and advice for the passive residence (authorizations of residence without work in the Principality and all the modalities of passive residences: passive residences without lucrative activity, passive residences for professionals with international projection, passive residences for reasons of scientific, cultural and sports interest).
  • Processing and advice for active residence (authorizations for working and residence in Andorra).
  • Formations of a companies, (articles of association, memorandum of association, reservation of trade name) Registration in the Company house, foreign Investments
  • CASS Freelance contributions (Andorran social security)
  • Reduction application letter for freelance contributions

Job area

  • Admissions, modifications and declarations to CASS (Andorran social security).
  • Draft employment contract.
  • Draft payslip
  • Dismissal letter
  • Severance pay calculation
  • Notification of minor offence and minor penalties.

Nostre Equip de Treball

Pascale Flucha

Pascale Flucha



Joan Armany

Joan Armany



Ignasi Xarpell

Ignasi Xarpell



Didac Fernandez

Team Leader

Alicia Cid

Accountant, Occupational

Quim Fenes


Julia Gil


Gisela Illa


Rosa Martinez


Andrea Freitas


Danika Dimova



Many inseparable values define our personality

Listening and understanding of the needs and expectations of our customers.

Quality expertise in the analysis and decision making.

Availability and efficiency in executing.

Trust and discretion dealing with our customers.

Administrative procedures.

Our assessment goes beyond obtaining residency; we support our customer in all the procedures regarding his/her new life in Andorra and especially in:

  • The search for a flat to rent or own.
  • The management of all contracts and services required for housing (electricity, gas, phone, Internet).
  • Recruitment of staff housing services.
  • The assistance to find the best school or university within or outside Andorra.
  • The search and analysis of all types of insurance for vehicles, housing, health, life, etc.
  • Vehicle import, homologation and registration.
  • Adopting the Andorran driving license.

Our competences at your service.

In addition to the services and competences aimed exclusively at our customer’s artistic and sports career, Team Spirit puts at your disposal its competences.

  • Personal and family advice.

We organize the integration of our customer in Andorra and we accompany him/her in all the procedures that appear to improve quality of life, residence and housing.

  • Finding the best professionals in each sector.

Our commitment to provide a global service to all of our clients includes collaborating with the best professionals renowned nationally and internationally.

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